2024 UIA WA Annual Event

Rebuilding the Dream: Uniting Hearts, Rehabilitating Israel

Join the UIA family in solidarity for our 2024 campaign annual event as we unite to hear from one of Israel's greatest heroes and a beacon of hope. Hear stories of survival and courage; what the future holds and how we can support the People of Israel

Maj Gen (ret.) Doron Almog
Chairman, Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel
A decorated soldier and social activist, Almog led numerous task forces including against the Munich Olympic terrorists, the Entebbe rescue mission and missions bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel. He established a rehabilitation centre for children, teens and young adults with severe disabilities, named after his son Eran z”l. 

Almog has been directly affected by the events of October 7, having lost close relatives, enduring the pain of some who were held captive by Hamas and then released and having to deal with the uncertainty of those still held in captivity. 

Michal Uziyahu
Eshkol Regional Council
Situated along the border triangle of Israel with Gaza and Egypt, Eshkol is a community at the heart of the conflict. Michal is a former Shlicha of The Jewish Agency for Israel in Colorado and is working directly with the regional Mayor to develop the region’s response to the incredible trauma they have endured. 

Thursday 7 March

6.30pm Arrival, security check and registration

7.00pm Formalities commence

This is not a formal dinner and no food will be served. 

Enquiries: 9275 1186 | info@uiawa.org.au

Event details
Doron Almog and Michal Uziyahu
Advised prior to event
Ticket Cost
$18 per person