Share your simcha with a child in need

09 November 2022

A bar/bat mitzvah is an incredibly important event in one’s life.  As you and your family start planning this special milestone, the United Israel Appeal (UIA) would like you to consider helping those who do not have the same privilege.

The UIA provides an opportunity to fulfil the mitzvah of tzedakah by supporting one of our bar/bat mitzvah programs in our youth villages.

Our Ramat Hadassah Youth Village runs a bar/bat mitzvah program. You can share your special day with someone in need from this Youth Village. The children who live at this village usually come from disadvantaged backgrounds, where their parents may not be able to provide for them.  This village provides a safe haven where they are nurtured, educated, mentored and motivated to change the trajectory of their lives. In most cases, these children have not been able to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah and our program affords them this special opportunity.

With your support, students are able to have a bar/bat mitzvah experience, including learning about Jewish traditions. Through this, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, Jewish values, their community and how they can make a meaningful contribution to society. 

A central theme of the programme is Tikkun Olam.  The children volunteer at the village and assist those in their communities who are in need, including by helping to the elderly, visiting sick children, etc. The program culminates in a bnei/bnot mitzvah ceremony.

One of the key objectives of the bat mitzvah component is to empower girls to gain a worldview in order to strengthen their individual and national identity. The program gives these young girls a model and inspiration for them to work towards a better future for themselves, which they do not get at home.

Our Ben Yakir Youth Village for boys runs a similar program as they prepare for their bar mitzvah. Most of these boys are of Ethiopian descent and have not celebrated their bar mitzvah. 

Your generous support for these programs will make a lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged children and will act as a gift that keeps on giving well into the future.  Your generosity will truly fulfil the highest level of tzedakah, allowing others to become self-sufficient and to excel - the greatest gift of all. 

Donations support the many programs funded by UIA and are tax deductible.