Heart to Heart: Three Ways to show your love and support to the People of Israel

18 October 2023

UIA is proud to offer the community meaningful ways in which they can their show love and support for the People of Israel in these devastating times.

UIA is delighted to introduce its video-sharing platform to the community which enables supporters to upload messages bolstering the People of Israel, at a time when they need it most. All uploaded video messages will be passed on to the victims of terror in the South. 

Additionally, a platform where one can create a personalised webpage to support the victims in Israel in lieu of gifts has also been launched. From weddings and birthdays, to Bar/Bat Mitzvot and anniversaries, or a sporting event like a fun run or swim - anyone can create a personal page to raise funds for the UIA Victims of Terror Fund. 

Additionally, UIA’s Israel at War Emergency Appeal was created to support the Victims of Terror Fund, providing immediate financial support to victims and their families impacted by the war. 100% of the funds collected are remitted and deployed to supporting the immediate needs of the victims. These include:
-    Immediate financial support
-    Necessities like food, clothing and nappies
-    Payments for funerals and associated expenses
-    Emotional and psychological support

Sabin - a victim being comforted by UIA representative in Israel

UIA has already started distributing all funds, with 3000 grants being processed of which 1200 have been issued to the victims and families in need. Every dollar given will provide immediate assistance within 48 hours.

UIA stands in solidarity with the People of Israel and with the tens of thousands of beneficiaries in our programs in the South. We join with the global UIA Family and Jewry in praying for a peaceful and timely end to this devastation.

“Our hearts are broken and so many of us are searching for ways to help our friends, family, fellow Jews and all citizens of Israel. We are proactively finding ways for our community to connect with and support all those effected by these horrendous acts by Hamas terrorist and try and bring light to people in some very dark times. We encourage the community to use these outlets to help us find our way in these challenging times,” UIA CEO Yair Miller OAM said.

Click here to upload your video messages of support
Create your personalised fundraising page here 

Donate to UIA’s Israel at War Emergency Appeal here