Victims of Terror Fund launched in Australia to support victims of Hamas Massacre

20 October 2023

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20 October 2023

Sydney, Australia – Former Army Officer and Minister for Defence Materiel, Mike Kelly, and former Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma, are encouraging Australians to support the Victims of Terror fund for survivors and victims of the Hamas massacre and kidnapping of Israeli civilians on 7 October.
The two former politicians have lent their names to the appeal after the unprecedented, unprovoked attack on Israel by Hamas which resulted in the murder of more than 1,400 people, over 4,200 wounded and 203 civilians and soldiers kidnapped including women, children and elderly Holocaust survivors.

The appeal will benefit all Israeli victims of this terror act be they Jewish, Arab, Bedouin or Muslim. 

“I am acutely aware of what this kind of extreme and sadistic violence looks like up close, and the deep and lasting impact on survivors and families.” Mr Kelly said.  “The affected members of the community in Israel will need practical and emotional support and the quicker that help comes, the more effective it will be for the long term. Showing we care will have its own healing power.” 
“Israel and the Jewish people have not suffered a trauma like this since the Holocaust,” Mr Sharma said. “The victims and hostages and their many family and friends are in a state of high distress, and they need all the support and care we can provide. Australians are a caring and generous people and have been shocked and appalled by the damage inflicted on innocent lives in Israel. Supporting this fund is an important way we can show our support.” 

The Victims of Terror Fund is the first responder in the recovery process for families who have been impacted by the terrorist attacks. It provides immediate grants to victims with 100% of funds distributed to all Israeli citizens regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. 

Money raised will be used for absolute necessities such as emergency accommodation, food, clothing, funeral expenses and/or emotional and psychological support. The fund will also support and coordinate long term phycological and emotional support for the victims. 

The fund operates in Australia under the auspices of the United Israel Appeal Refugee Relief Fund and to date their partners on the ground have already distributed over 2,000 initial grants in the last 10 days. To date, 7,114 rockets have been fired on Israel from Gaza and 43,000 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes.


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