Fresh look for UIA Australia

10 November 2022

UIA Australia proudly launched a rebrand of the organisation in Mid November - a project which embodies the strong and cohesive cooperation between the campaigns. A new national brand – one new look and feel that will be used universally across the organisation. This entails a look and feel that is modern, compelling and focuses on what we do. 

This new look and feel will be used to educate the community about our work by segmenting our messaging into our foundation pillars, which have been colour coded. A focus on what we do has been instrumental in the design and it will ensure that all of our communication is cohesive and compelling and that our messaging remains consistent.


We are the same UIA, with the same vision, mission, vital work and values which underpin our organisation: 

We constantly review where resources are needed and if our strategy must be adapted. Being open minded means we don’t have preconceived notions of the nature of our work or what constitutes aid.
With strong leadership and expertise across the organisation, the aid we offer is well considered and effective.
Compassion guides the principles of the organisation and how to support the most vulnerable Jews in Israel.
Our programs are forward thinking and lead to inspiring results.
We’re committed to enabling Jewish global reach/network.
Our understanding of Israel and the needs of the vulnerable means the investments we make work to enable and empower.
We plan our efforts. We know that we can’t help everyone, everywhere, but committing to specific programs leads to progress.
We’re easily accessible and the evidence of our actions is there for all to see. We’re an inclusive, transparent, accountable organisation.
We pride ourselves on our ability to think and act fast. We’re a can-do organisation.
We’re determined to keep building on the success and relevance of UIA. Every day we think of ways to operate better and do more. We won’t settle for second best.

We are the UIA - always have been and always will be here for the People of Israel.