Bridging social gaps with hi-tech, leadership and volunteering


Net@ is a joint initiative of Keren Hayesod-UIA, The Jewish agency for Israel, Appleseeds Academy and Cisco.

A four-year extra-curricular program for secondary school students, Net@ employs a holistic approach to create opportunities for youth from Israel’s geographic and socio-economic peripheries through hi-tech, personal development and social activism.

The curriculum, combining academic studies in computer and network technology with practical, hands-on training, is built in partnership with Cisco Networking Academy’s Information Technology Essentials & Discovery courses and Microsoft. 

Two students learning how to build a computer

The program’s complementary social and leadership curriculum reinforces values of multiculturalism, democracy, excellence, social skills, co-existence and community involvement. Net@ promotes volunteering by empowering students to use the professional tools they study to give back to their communities. Net@ is the only long-term youth project in Israel that brings together Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth. Special co-existence programs run in mixed cities, such as Ramle, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jerusalem and Nazareth-Nazareth Illit. Net@ also builds partnerships between uni-national cities such as Umm-Al-Fahum and Kiryat Shmona, and Tira and Be’er Sheva.

Participants are taught not only to excel in the hi-tech community, but also to become advocates for communication between cultures, thereby promoting peaceful coexistence among Israel’s diverse populations.

The participants’ achievements combined with their commitment to local community leadership make them prime candidates for elite units in the Israel Defence Forces, higher education and careers in high tech. Net@ builds the foundation for these youth to become tomorrow’s business and communal leaders.

The Net@ Journey Alumni 
Net@ Alumni Association was designed for the graduates of the program and places special emphasis on creating academic and professional opportunities in the field of high tech. The Alumni Association coordinator works in conjunction with Appleseeds to provide Net@ alumni with access to tools and events that will help advance their education and careers. With your support, we will be able to provide 1,800 young Israelis (per annum) from Israel’s social and geographic periphery with the tools they need to succeed.

Net@ Junior
A preparatory program for youth aged 10–14 years old. The goal is to provide these students with hands-on experience in the areas of software, design and entrepreneurship. Net@ Junior also teaches skills that are important for start-ups, such as teamwork and joint planning. The program exposes students at a young age to English and a technology curriculum. This encourages enlistment in the secondary school program and creates more opportunities for Israeli youth in the periphery.

This project is run in partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel, the Government of Israel, Appleseeds, Cisco and local authorities.

5,000+ graduates have benefited from Net@

Recipient of 2012 President’s Volunteerism 
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locations throughout Israel

86% complete their Matriculation Exam

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