Volunteer with us

Volunteers form the backbone of UIA. Jewish tradition teaches us that each and every one of us must play an active role in the world. Tikkun olam - making the world a better place - is one of the highest acts in Judaism and combines aspects of charity and philanthropy. 

Whilst not everyone can afford to give money to our various projects, many prefer to give their time.  We are indebted to our amazing volunteers who have helped make and shape the UIA into what it is today. Thanks to these incredible people we are able to ensure that our costs stay at record lows so we can send as much money as possible to the people who need it most.

Many volunteering opportunities exist including phone campaigning, being a table host, sitting on boards, hosting events and more. 

If you are interested in volunteering with your local UIA campaign, please be in touch via the button below.

Volunteer for UIA