Living and loving their lives at Amigour

20 June 2023

Senior citizens Miriam and couple Genadi and Leah all immigrated to Israel from Russia 20+ years ago and live at subsidised Amigour apartments.

Miriam, 76, immigrated to Israel in 1993 from Russia. She loved her life and job there but as soon as she arrived in Israel, she felt she was home. Her first months were busy as she adjusted to her new life and received plenty of motivation and the support from The Jewish Agency in Russia and in Israel. 

“The people at The Jewish Agency, who were so devoted and helpful, really inspired me to get into the social work field. And from then, I was working and living my life, and before I realised it, 30 years had passed and I had gotten older,” shared Miriam. “Once I retired, I no longer had an income or real security. Fortunately, Israel is a country that takes care of its citizens and because I’d been a social worker for so long, I knew my rights as a senior and met the criteria to get an apartment at Amigour.”

Today, Miriam is a resident at Amigour, having moved to the housing facility around two years ago. A Jewish Agency subsidiary, Amigour provides affordable, subsidised housing for Holocaust survivors and senior citizens throughout Israel, ensuring these older populations can enjoy their golden years in dignity.

“The first year at Amigour was a bit challenging as I adapted physically, mentally, and socially. But little by little, I got familiar with my environment and the neighborhood and connected to the place and people here,” Miriam reflected. “So now life here is much more comfortable and enjoyable, as Amigour offers many wonderful activities and classes. Since I have a music background, Amigour arranged for me to teach piano and I am also a member of the choir. Now I feel even my soul sings.”

Genadi and Leah at the Amigour Sheltered Housing

Leah and Genadi are also residents of Amigour. They moved to Israel from Russia 23 years ago. They lived in Haifa before moving to Ramat Gan and then Kfar Saba, always renting apartments with their salaries. Once they retired, they were unsure and anxious about how they would afford their rent, especially with increasing medical costs for both of them.

When they learnt of the possibility they could get an apartment at Amigour they were overjoyed.

“Our health is no longer what it used to be and we were really worried about our future. Now we are here at Amigour and we love it. There are so many ​​activities offered, so it is never boring and we never feel alone, and the staff cares for us wholeheartedly,” shared Genadi. “If it wasn’t for Amigour, I don’t know what would have happened to us. We feel as if a miracle has happened.”

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