UIA, ZFA and Taglit Give Young Australians a Trip to Israel Like No Other

07 September 2023

UIA in partnership with Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) and Taglit are thrilled to be sending 40 young adults on a Birthright trip of a lifetime. Participants from across Australia will embark on a journey to experience Israel in a way that others probably never will - from its culture, history and innovation to its creativity, cuisine and most importantly, to see UIA’s lifesaving work firsthand.

UIA-Birthright trip highlights over the years have included visits to Zichron Menachem to learn about Zionism, driving ATVs in the Golan Heights, liqueur tasting at Kibbutz Amiad, visiting Tzfat to explore ancient tunnels and Synagogues; and experiencing authentic Druze hospitality. Of course, staples like exploring the Old City, visiting Har Herzl and Yad Vashem; as well as taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Machane Yehuda market won’t be missed. Sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin tented camp, climbing Masada for sunrise, swimming in the Dead Sea, exploring Tel Aviv and Yafo and eating delicious Israeli cuisine are all just some of the memory-making moments of this incredibly fun and inspiring Israel experience. 

UIA-Birthright January Trip 2023

Witnessing the impact of UIA’s support for the People of Israel at various Keren Hayesod-UIA supported projects is also an unforgettable part of this once-in-a-lifetime tour. In the past, participants saw how new immigrants are welcomed and provided with a place to live, access to ulpan classes, after-school enrichment classes and professional training at the Hod Absorption Centre for Ethiopian Olim in Tiberias. In addition, at Hadassah Neurim Youth Village in Michmoret, which supports 410 youth at risk and Olim from Russia, Ukraine and the Former Soviet Union, participants saw the important work we are doing to support this national priority. Groups have also visited Net@ in Ramle which provides youth at risk with technological skills as well as fostering coexistence between Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth.

Past Birthright madricha, Dr Tali Feiglin reflected: “Almost all of our participants have brought with them a maturity, desire to develop their Jewish identity and willingness to immerse themselves in the culture, history and traditions. We return to Australia grateful to have had this experience and with a desire to continue to develop our connection to Israel and Judaism.”

Participant Daniel Booth said: “I've witnessed and learned that the Jewish People are a proud family, with a rich memory of their history and a vivid culture of food and celebration. There’s potential that I could end up living in Israel at some point in the future, to take the opportunity to immerse myself in the start-up nation and high-tech innovation hub. I'm returning home as someone who is proud to be Jewish and understands how important it is for us to have a State of Israel.”

This year’s Birthright trip will run from 18-28 December 2023. Applicants between the ages of 23-26 can apply at https://int.birthrightisrael.com Participants from all states will depart from Melbourne. For more information, email danielle.daitz@uiansw.org.au or call (02) 9361 4273.