Leading the way: Bunnings’ Executives Explore Israeli Innovation

05 October 2023

UIA Victoria Women’s Division recently held an intimate and engaging event at the home of Serena and Rotem Rotenberg.

The event featured a panel discussion, with speakers Leah Balter and Irit Harris, senior Bunnings Executives, moderated by Gabi Crafti. They spoke about a business mission they led to Israel for non-Jewish Bunnings executives and leaders to seek out innovation and creativity from the start up nation. The discussion was inspiring and thought provoking and left the captivated audience with so many learnings.

UIA’s Women’s Division is part of a community of committed Jewish women with active campaigns across 40 cities globally, the UIA Women’s Division brings together powerful and visionary women united by their common love and passion for Israel and the Jewish people. 

Supporting projects that are family focused and female led, this year the Women’s Division is supporting – Heartbeats – an early intervention program that supports babies at risk over the first 1000 days of their life, and their parents in Israel. Israel has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor in OECD countries, with over 1 million children been classified as at risk. Heartbeats offers parents - many who have been referred by welfare services - the support that they need. 

Located in 11 locations around Israel’s periphery, this unique program assists over 600 families. With early intervention, the ultimate goal is that children in this program will require less, or no further, intervention as they continue to develop. UIA Australia Women’s Division is funding the development of the 12th centre in Dimona.  

At the event, new recipients of the Lev Chai and Lion of Judah Pin - an international giving program - were also honoured for taking the next step in their philanthropy.

UIA Victoria Women's Division Co-chairs Amanda Smorgon and Elissa Sharp said, "we pride ourselves on providing the community with meaningful engagement opportunities. This event linked the values and passion of the Women's Division - empowering female leadership and a connection to Israel."