Supporting the Victims of Terror Fund

10 October 2023

UIA's Israel at War Emergency Appeal is supporting the Victims of Terror Fund. As the official global fundraising arm for the People of Israel, UIA is tasked with answering the imminent needs of the People of Israel - supporting the victims are the needs right now.

100% of donations are remitted to those who need it most and have been impacted most. The fund deploys immediate and urgent financial support to assist the emotional needs of the victims and the families affected by the current war in Israel. 

The Victims of Terror Fund is the States approved first responder in the recovery process of families impacted by acts of terror and violence. 

Grants are dispensed within 48 hours to provide

- Immediate financial support to those impacted
- Funds for absolute necessities such as food, clothes, nappies etc
- Funds to be used to pay for funerals and associated expenses
- Emotional and psychological support

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